Current Situation

Many Planning Analytics/TM1 users currently use Excel spreadsheets for reporting and financial analysis. However, companies worldwide are transitioning to business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik.


Planning Analytics/TM1 users have to find ways of loading data stored in Planning Analytics/TM1 into these business intelligence tools. This is presently done inefficiently by ‘manually’ exporting data from Planning Analytics/TM1 and importing them into these tools. The process can be tedious, time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Our Solution

TMVGate is a high performance Planning Analytics/TM1 gateway which transforms both Public and Private Cube Views into real time HTTP/HTTPS data feed. It is lightweight, easy-to-implement and has a strong support team to address any queries and concerns.

Key Benefits of TMVGate

Works with TM1 Local & on Cloud

Supports all Security Modes 1 to 5

Efficiently supports large Cube Views (>500mb)

No need for ODBC/Additional Data Warehouse Layer

Alternate Hierarchy Support by Q1 2020

Real Time

  • Provides Real-Time connectivity


  • Lightweight implementation using HTTP/HTTPS protocol

Open Architecture

  • Adopt Open Architecture supported by many BI or Visualization tools.

Offline Mode

  • Supports offline mode in BI Visualization tools. Data can be refreshed as and when required.

Supports multi-format data

TMVGate lets users extract Planning Analytics/TM1 Cube View data easily via a simple HTTP request with selectable output formats such as TEXT, JSON and XML. These formats are well supported with Tableau ®, Qlik ®, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Query and Power View and other visualization tools that support Web API.

Remote users who rely on remote desktop solution now have an option to access Cube data, offline and with real time refresh, from their own desktop. Meanwhile, existing Planning Analytics/TM1 data security is preserved based on user’s credentials provided in the HTTP request.

Some of our TMVGate clients

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Supports commonly used business intelligence tools such as:

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