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We work with our clients to evaluate their business & process needs and develop build-to-suit IT solutions to address these needs.

Business Problem Analysis
& Solutioning

We cannot let the successes of yesterday lull us into the trap of complacency. At ITLink, we work with our clients to find ways to innovate or enhance the ways in which they do things. Our team possesses deep technical knowledge, built from years of working with many businesses from a plethora of industries.

At the onset, our consultants will work with our clients to understand their fundamental goals, problems and requirements. We then advise them on an appropriate IT solution and develop or implement it for them. If requested, we will provide comprehensive product training and engaging change management workshops.


The design of complex web solutions requires an interdisciplinary approach that brings together professionals with experience in information architecture, graphics design, programming and system administration. It involves addressing issues such as data-driven web pages, database integration, security, server-side programming and many more.

ITLink has a team of professionals to provide a total solution for a corporation's internet / intranet requirements.

For companies that :

  • generate a plethora of data that is not grouped or categorized into meaningful information
  • have information coming from many different sources and spend precious time consolidating them
  • and faces the problem of not being able to share information conveniently among colleagues and departments.
ITLink can help you build a database client-server system.

We believe that good design of the database is of utmost importance to cater for data growth and ensure good performance. We also focus on simple and friendly user interfaces to ensure client acceptance and ease of usage.

ITLink has vast experience in designing and engineering workflows to improve productivity and reduce time and cost for our clients.

To ensure that our workflow solutions meet our clients' objectives and requirements, we conduct rounds of discussion with different user groups who are involved in the workflow and operation. Often, we build prototypes and enhance them progressively to ensure that our concept is accurate and feasible. With the clients’ heavy participation at an early stage, we also set the right expectation and get better user acceptance for the new system.

ITLink is an authorized reseller of the IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 Financial Performance Management Product.

OLAP has emerged because of the constraints inherent in spreadsheets and other reporting packages in the area of data management and multi-dimensional evaluation.

OLAP brings efficiency to managers and decision makers by providing them with information in the areas of Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning, Management Reports, Statutory Reports, Modeling and Sales & Marketing. At the same time, OLAP overcomes the limitations associated with linking of spreadsheets, complex macros and multiple versions and sources of data.

With OLAP, the time taken to prepare reports is significantly reduced, as it provides a central core of data, much like a data warehouse, that can be accessed directly by various standard tools like Excel or the Web.

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