Consulting & Implementation

ITLink consultants will work with you to identify the crux of your budgeting, financial reporting and forecasting requirements. Every business is different, and we tailor-make each solution to each client’s needs.

Aside from the software and hardware, we also care about the “heartware”. Our consultants are experienced in conducting fun and interesting change management workshops to engage your staff and educate them about Planning Analytics/TM1, its uses and the benefits it brings to the organization.


Planning Analytics/TM1 facilitates the creation of a collaborative and well-defined budget, based on accurate business modelling.

We understand that large businesses are often the sum of many interconnected business functions that work in an ever-changing environment.

Planning Analytics/TM1 gives users the flexibility to easily update data and reflect changes in real-time, making it easier to adapt to changes in the business environment (e.g. changes in sales estimates or fluctuations in exchange rate).

Financial Reporting

Planning Analytics/TM1 can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of month end reporting.

Instead of working on excel spreadsheets that are disconnect from your general ledger or other IT systems, Planning Analytics/TM1 allows users to consolidate all their numbers easily.

An update to your accounting numbers can be instantaneously reflected under your income statement, balance sheet, cashflow statement and other key metrics you may wish to report.


Planning Analytics/TM1 allows users to make rolling forecasts for various time periods.

Assimilating actual year-to-date data lets companies easily see how far they are from their goals.

Thanks to the collaborative nature of Planning Analytics/TM1, different business units can also update their individual financial models in real-time and quickly see its impact on overall financials.

This gives businesses the flexibility to smoothly run many iterations and conduct sensitivity analyses, to get a better grasp on how strategic decisions can lead to desired outcomes.

TM1 REST API Solutions

IBM Business Partner

The Planning Analytics/TM1 REST API introduced with Planning Analytics/TM1 10.2.2 has opened up many possibilities with Planning Analytics/TM1 application functionalities. Customers are no longer restricted to Excel, Planning Analytics/TM1Web, Planning Analytics/TM1 Application (Contributor) interfaces. TMVGate is a good example of moving beyond traditional Planning Analytics/TM1 interfaces to interact with Data Visualization tools.

As a company providing Planning Analytics/TM1 Consultancy services for over 20 years, we are now providing customized application development based on Planning Analytics/TM1 REST API. Below are some of the application and utilities that we have developed.

Web based CHORE/Process/Process Log viewing tools

A web based tool that allows customers to view the CHORE/Process status based on a date range selection. Users can drill down to retrieve the process error logs if there are any.

Microsoft Flow Integration with Email Robot

An Email Robot developed using Microsoft Flow which accepts data request from users based on the subject and email body. It returns the required data in table format in real time to the requestor.

Mirroring Planning Analytics/TM1 Cube to Microsoft SQL database

A generic utility which extracts Planning Analytics/TM1 Cubes and Dimension and creates the corresponding Microsoft SQL database with the Fact table and supporting dimension tables.

Integration with Microsoft SQL Reporting Service

Directly interfaces with Planning Analytics/TM1 cube data from Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. Data refreshes with Planning Analytics/TM1 updates in real time.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will help you to venture beyond traditional Planning Analytics/TM1 application and into the world of endless possibilities.

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